Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

One of the best inventions is the medical tourism: you get to know different places and cultures, while you heal yourself. Moreover the prices are considerably cheaper in Romania. Not only the hotels, food and parties, but also the clinics. It may cost you even 10 times more if you get a breast implants in United Kingdom.

Due to this fact, not everyone in UK can afford having surgeries at an acceptable price. With all that money, you can plan your medical tourism trip as you wish, come to Romania, stay in a clean and comfortable hotel or private appartment, visit the surroundings and have the surgery at a great price deal. 

Medical Tourism has become so popular that the specialists describe it as a world-wide phenomenon. The globalization of medicine is by far the best reason to life in the 21st century. Among the most popular countries chosen by hundreds of thousands of people is Romania, known for its beautiful landscapes, high-quality medical services and cheap prices.

According to the budget you want to spend on medical tourism, we will communicate you in the shortest time the packages available for you and your attendants.

Why choose us?

We have thousands of clients satisfied with our medical tourism services. Medical Tourism EU will surely make your medical tourism travel to Romania more enjoyable. You can choose the activities you like and we do the rest: we find the most suitable flight packages, accomodation and we contact the clinic(s) or spas that you need for your surgery / recovery.

Your attendants will also be happy with the medical tourism packs that we offer, as we know to entertain them: you and them can choose from our activities, or tell us what you exactly want. You will not be bored while you stay here, because Timisoara is the city of all posibilities. It really has all the activities you need to make this medical tourism trip unforgettable.

Therefore, Medical Tourism EU offers you the best deals available: 24/7 client support, city guide. And our medical tourism company is, by far, the one with the cheapest prices available.


Advantages of medical tourism in Romania

We think that Romania is a beautiful country that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. People are friendly, the environment is less polluted than in other countries. Therefore, we will present you some reasons to choose Romania as your medical tourism destination:

-healthier food

As a Medical Tourism agency with thousands of clients happy, we health tourism can assure you that you will never regret this decision. It will be a life-changing experience. The food has a different taste here, as many of the vegetables and fruits that our restaurant-partners choose are directly bought from peasants. This means that all the food you will eat during your stay in Romania will be healthier.

-Nice atmoshperemedical tourism

In our country and especially our city, the number of crimes and murders are way more reduced than in the rest of Europe. This is because of the general atmosphere that is here: the people are more at peace with themselves, they are friendly and help you whenever you need.

-The landscapes and cities

Our country has always been a popular destination, due to its magical surroundings and friendly population. Bucharest is the capital of Romania, with a population of 2 milions people. Besides it, we also have Cluj as a great city, Oradea, Craiova, Sibiu, Brasov. But none of these can compare to Timisoara, when it comes to both medical services and activities to do.

When you are in Timisoara, you are practically in the heart of Romania. It is one of the most important trade centers, both in Romania and Europe; therefore, here you will only find high-quality services, including the medical tourism ones.

Every year, thousands of people come from their countries in ours, in their search for an excellent medical treatment, at a cheap price, and they were not disappointed. The clinics we contract with have a 100% positive feedback, which means that all of our clients are satisfied with the medical tourism in our country.


-Spa services

We can also offer you the best spa services, customised for your needs. If you want to go to a spa centre before / after the chirurgical intervention, we know just the right place where you can relax with your family and / or friends.

-Cheap prices

We are known to have the cheapest prices available for medical tourism in Europe. Not only for the food, clothes and other things, but also for the prices that pacients pay at hospitals or clinics. It is true, private clinics’ prices in Romania are very cheap. Even so, the quality of the medical tourism services is at the European standards and our doctors are among the medical tourism best.

-The local history and stories

We have a country rich in history. Many centuries medical tourism, our rulers have fought for our freedom, but the country has mostly been occupied, totally or partially, by the Turkish, Hungarian and others. If you want to visit the most beautiful churches, you must go to Moldavia. Stefan the Great, who was its ruler around 1500’s, built a monastery for every won battle. Even so, the whole medical tourism Moldavia cannot be compared with Timisoara, which is by far the city that most visitors choose.

People used to call it the little medical tourism Wien, due to its large number of parks and green spaces. Moreover, if you like art, you must visit the art galleries in Timisoara; you will love them.

Through our medical tourism agency, many people have fallen in love with Romania. Maybe you will be one of them, too!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Many of us don’t have the necessary time to do anything that we like; we are stressed and everything seems pointless; that’s when we get sick. Medical Tourism helps us both recover and distress. That’s why medical tourism is such a popular choice in a world that seems to have time for nothing.
In your medical tourism trip, you will learn that time and health are two things that money can’t buy. You will also learn that medical tourism doesn’t necessarely medical tourism imply surgery and pains, but is an alternative to them!

As we want to make your medical tourism stay in Romania as comfortable as possible, we have a list of activities that will make the medical tourism more enjoyable, such as equitation, spas, dinners in town.

Medical Tourism also implies making stronger bounds with your loved ones. Therefore, you can bring them on your medical tourism trip, and spend some high-quality time together!

Sometimes, you might need to stay more in Romania longer than you initially planned, to fully recover. But that’s not a reason to worry, as your medical condition will be under control.

Even if you are just stressed out with you work, or you need a chirurgical intervention, the medical tourism is the answer you are looking for. We are the specialists that you need for the medical tourism.

Life is a beautiful state of being, so make sure that you make everything worth it. Medical Tourism, along other activities, is an unforgettable experience, no matter what age are you tantric massage london.

Wherever you choose to go in your medical tourism adventure, whether you choose us or any other company, we wish you a pleasant trip around Europe.

Medical tourism in other countries

We can see the blast in Caribbean  medical tourism therapeutic tourism with each passing day. For improving it a place to live in, individuals at Caribbean are presenting different ventures that assistance in advancing the restorative tourism.

Medicinal tourism holds an imperative place at wherever. It draws in the general population from various nations, as well as is add-on to the nation, helping it better medical tourism its social insurance setup. The following is the current task presented on the Cayman Island with a reason to improve it a place and to pull in individuals around the globe.

Mean to fortify Cayman’s singularity

While the point of this organization is to make this place popular among the general population around the globe, individuals have endeavor to fabricated Sound medical tourism City Cayman Island. Shomari Scott, executive of Solid City Cayman Island trusts that presenting wellbeing offices at this place would advance the therapeutic tourism of the place. Besides, with the making of this wellbeing office at Islands is an incredible achievement, as it accompanies bunches of difficulties whether it is assets or work.

Desire to end up a driving area medical tourism doctor’s facility

With the medical tourism presentation of Solid City Cayman, another wellbeing office has been added to Caribbean. Other than the motivation behind reinforcing Cayman’s distinction, it is acquainted with the point with wind up one of the main doctor’s facilities of the domain. Worked at an excellent area, it has an astonishing perspective. The area sits in the lap of nature, which makes it an ideal place to give better wellbeing to medical tourism individuals originating from various nations. With a wonderful area and lovely view, Solid City Cayman Island is certainly while in transit to wind up a main doctor’s facility of the domain.

Advance goal

With this delightful push to acquaint wellbeing office medical tourismwith an island, it will draw in numerous individuals around the globe. While the design is to serve individuals originating from various nations, Caribbean has put in diligent work and endeavors to improve this place and safe. Additionally, adding offices to put, it is a push to make individuals mindful of the goal and to give surety of being sheltered, when they visit such place.

Not only a clinic

As this association has prompted a decent deed to serve individuals originating from various parts if the world, it has advanced the restorative tourism of Cayman Islands. The restorative tourism, as well as the place has picked up prevalence in most recent couple of days. Sound City Cayman Island other than being a healing facility, will soon turn into a multipurpose zone joining preparing focuses, helped living office alongside lodging convenience.

Draw in more explorers around the globe

Presenting Sound City Cayman Island, Caribbean’s are attempting to make its name on the medical tourism planet. As presentation of this wellbeing office isn’t only an advancement of place, yet in addition an approach to draw in an ever increasing number of voyagers around the globe. Making of this healing facility is an extra for the place, as it has accompanied numerous advantages to this island.


Advancing the restorative tourism of wherever is imperative, as it informs medical tourismthe world concerning a specific place. The Cayman Islands is not kidding in advancing its therapeutic tourism industry and has made magnificent strides toward that path.

WHO has pronounced Singapore to be sixth among 191 nations in human services and restorative offices. It has without a doubt enhanced its medicinal services framework inside a limited capacity to focus medical tourism time. Patients from US, Canada, European nations and the Center East are rushing to Singapore for acquiring excellent therapeutic offices without breaking their banks.

The expenses of medicinal administrations are extensively low in Singapore yet the greater part of its doctor’s facilities have gotten global accreditation and the doctor’s facilities utilize specialists who have outside degrees. Regardless of its very developed social insurance framework, Singaporeans are disappointed with the therapeutic medical tourism offices they get. The purpose for this is the need given to outside patients.

Why is Singapore mainstream as a therapeutic tourism goal?

Singapore has turned out to be one of the best contenders among therapeutic medical tourism tourism goal around the globe. Over 30% medicinal vacationers visit Singapore consistently for various sorts of restorative medications and surgeries. Propelled therapeutic offices have helped Singapore in picking up the trust of outside patients. Worldwide patients visit Singapore for cardiology, neurology, medical tourism obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.

A portion of the famous medications incorporate liver and kidney transplant  medical tourismand blood transfusion. Aside from cutting edge medicinal medical tourism offices, Singapore likewise exceeds expectations in offering included offices like day visits, agreeable lodging and fantastic nourishment. Dialect mediators are offered to medicinal sightseers for making their experience smoother and more joyful.

Why are Singaporeans feeling disregarded?

Therapeutic administrations have turned into an medical tourism item in Singapore, which is being saved for the prosperous remote patients. For drawing more outside patients, the popular healing facilities of Singapore have isolate wards for them. Alongside restorative medicines, they are given medical tourism en-suite rooms. As indicated medical tourism by numerous sources, medical tourism the private healing centers are keen on serving just the rich individuals. Thus, the general population clinics are stuffed and loaded. The restorative staffs in broad daylight healing facilities are not adequate for taking into account the diverse necessities of Singaporean patients.

The private healing centers get the opportunity to charge over the top sums that medical tourism may not appear to be exorbitant to the nonnatives, but rather are out of the compass of working class and lower class Singaporeans. The most qualified specialists and specialists are working for private healing facilities as their point has moved to acquiring cash. Medicinal tourism is giving Singapore’s economy a lift however the legislature has no privilege to  medical tourismdisregard the social insurance of Singaporeans for nonnatives.


Singapore is equipped for offering medical tourism world-class restorative offices yet the best of social insurance is saved for the remote patients. Singaporeans are not getting adequate restorative care effortlessly open healing medical tourism facilities.