Frequently asked questions (FaQ)

Q: -How much does medical tourism cost?

A: – It depends on the budget you want to allocate on your treatment. Accodring to it, we will find the plane tickets, hotels and clinics.


Q: -How good are the clinics you contract with?

A: Medicine in Romania has evolved a lot in the last decades, and we only contract with the top clinics. The success of the chirurgical surgeries are guaranteed.


Q: -Can I bring my family / friends with me?

A: -Yes. Actually, we encourage you to that, as you will feel more comfortable during your stay in Romania.


Q: -What is Medical Tourism EU’s role in medical tourism?

A: РWe facilitate and encourage every medical tourism trip, from the start to the end. We are the safe connection between people who search for medical surgeries / treatments and the private clinics / spas. Medical Tourism EU will tell you the approximate cost for your trip, we will make all the appointments needed and we are here for you 24/7.


Q: -Does your staff speak English?

A: Yes, all of our staff speak both English and Romanian at an advanced level.


Q: -Are the private clinics safe?

A: -We concentrate our efforts to make your stay as comfortable as we can, which also implies safe chirurgical intervention and treatment. The clinics are as clean as possible and the doctors and nurses are friendly.